I know you think you know me. Well, you do.”

Hold Out, Littrell

Lindsay "Lij" Littrell, a PhD student, social work educator and and songwriter, is obsessed with collective liberation, haunting minor chords and a need to lead with what it is to be human, to be hopeful, to be vulnerable, to get, and stay, real. She hopes her writing, her teaching, her songs, along with everything else that flows from who she is, move you, take you deeper into the beauty of who you are and the world around you, and fan the flame of your courage to live into the steps and stumbles and questions of what it is to be fully alive. This site is a glimpse of all of that for her: Articles, songs, blogs, lectures, dialogues, mom stories, publications, photographs. She's so glad you're here. 


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Littrell as Scholar:

Show me somethin' I can see. Give me somethin' I can reach.”

Littrell, Show Me

Lindsay Littrell, a social work educator and student pursuing a PhD in Social Work and a graduate certificate in Gender and Women's Studies, came to the University of Kentucky in the Fall of 2018 with a curriculum fellowship from the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict, Midwest teaching experience, West Coast practice experience, East Coast education, and Southern raisin'. With roots in the labor movement, policy and macro social work practice, she is driven by her passion for justice and the building of beloved community. In addition to the honor of using research, writing and teaching as a “practice of freedom,” Lindsay keeps her ear to the ground and her feet on the pavement, bringing students along as often as possible, engaging struggles for peace, justice and liberation here in her U.S. back yard and across the world. Ms. Littrell’s research interests and teaching experience includes the intersection of social work practice and education with themes of social justice, collective liberation, intersectional feminism, civil resistance and peace studies. She has recently served as the Deputy Director for the South North Cohesion Project’s Gender-Based Violence Programme, working with a team of researchers and practitioners in the U.S. Midwest and across South Africa.

Teaching Experience: Has taught seventy sections of eighteen different courses across undergraduate and graduate social work education, including: Bigger than Protest: The Theory of Civil Resistance and the Ethics of Social Change (see award below); Diversity, Social Justice, and Human Rights; Community & Global Theory & Practice; Social Policy Analysis & Practice; Executive Leadership Practice; Community Behavior & Practice; and Organizational Theory & Practice. Currently teaching part-time at the University of Kentucky. Formerly served as full-time faculty as a Lecturer at Indiana University. Began teaching as adjunct faculty at California State University, Long Beach. 

MSW, Boston University

Award: International Center on Nonviolent Conflict, Curriculum Fellowship Awardee

Course Title: Bigger than Protest: The Theory of Civil Resistance and the Ethics of Social Change (Online, October – December 2018)

Location: University of Kentucky. Lexington, KY, USA 

Course Abstract: In this 3-credit interactive online course for graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Kentucky, students will engage the social work ethics and values regarding social, economic and environmental justice as well as human rights while exploring the concept of civil resistance and the “power that underlies people’s actions” (ICNC Rutgers, 2017) to effect change in their communities in the face of oppression. With a substantive emphasis on processes that strengthen both critical thinking and interpersonal skills, students will work together to examine the documented impact of more than a century of civil resistance through the lens of civic mobilization, strategy, tactics, conflict analysis, repression, backfire and violent flanks. Each student will then deepen their learning by analyzing and then presenting on an ongoing civil resistance campaign of their choosing, reflecting on campaign strengths, the manifestation of civil resistance content themes, implications regarding ethics, social justice and human rights, as well as opportunities for skill contribution in the context of their academic disciplines or in light of their future careers.



Lindsay Littrell's CV

Littrell as Musician:

Would it be okay if, baby, I wrote you a song or two million?”

Littrell, Love Songs

Love Songs (Remastered)


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Love Songs (Remastered)

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Remastered, 2018. Originally released under the artist name "Lij" in 2017. Music & lyrics written by Lindsay "Lij" Littrell. Produced by Jeff Peterson.

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    Love Songs (Remastered)

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Littrell (the person formerly known as the artist Lij) has written with Mark Foster of Foster the People, worked with producer Jeffery David (co-writer of Echo Smith's "Cool Kids") and has collaborated with Pigeon John ("No Place") and Ryan Farish ("Believe" and "Who I Am"). 

"Love Songs" is Littrell's first single from her forthcoming EP, Public Love.