I never knew that there could be so much in a note...”

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I just released a ew song for the first time in six years. Six. (Contextual clue: My son is six).

It's a really big deal for me. These *six* years in Indiana have regularly left me with the feeling…

I just released a new song!  

I have so much to tell you. And I will. Soon!

For now, I just released a new single last night (Valentine's Night) for the first time in years and it feels so, so good. I just had to share…

For love.

Landon came to me this morning and said, "Mommy, do you love me?" I said, "I love everyone." He said, Mommy, do you love me?" I quoted the commandment to love my neighbor as myself. He said, "Mommy, do…


Speaking of history. 
This morning I woke up to a message from a person I was in school with in kindergarten (1985-86, baby) and haven't seen since that read "thank you... you were one of the only ones who treated…


Have been thinking a lot lately about how we discredit entire seasons, years, sometimes even decades, of our lives simply because a door closed, the path took us somewhere other than where we thought it would, or because of the…


Two blogs in one week after none in months? Of course.

I finally caved and hired a (phenomenal, brilliant -- she'll someday be hiring me!) assistant yesterday after (I don't know how long) of juggling really beautiful, meaningful, don't-drop-that! pieces…

Old girl, new girl, same girl.

It's been a while. A good while. A great while. A hard while. A beautiful while. A complex while. (Life, eh?)
I stumbled across my old MySpace blog (yes - MySpace), and it filled me with sappy nostalgia. And since…

The asking.

Still waters run deep.

I've always thought that was such a beautiful analogy. About other folks. Me? Not quiet. Not mysterious. While, I like to hope anyway, deep, my mental/emotional being is at least 40% shark.

But I can feign…


With both lament and hope, my heart is heavy and full. This reprise is for all those who've chosen to engage and all those who never had a choice . . . Thinking of so many of you tonight.


The rest.

I can feel one of these shared moments of expression coming on like some folks can feel a storm rollin' through in their bones, long before the visible action begins. Without my willing them to, word-made-images begin piecing themselves together…


Is it human nature, or is it just mine, to cling to the known of the present moment though lived lesson after lived lesson after lived lesson assures that what lies ahead is always, always worth letting go for?



Picking up rocks. Looking underneath.

There are a lot of them. One on top of the other. 
This seems to be my life-work, of late.

It does leave me with less to say. 
My questions are primarily silent though asked…

On paper.

I got served divorce papers today. Rather, some other woman did and whoever the messenger was mistakenly left the notice on my doorstep (as if this is my hobby) instead of hers. It isn't exactly something I want to take…


Sitting here at my antique dining table, which was just yesterday covered in art and protest signs, I have so much to say and so little capacity to formulate the words. 
My heartbeat feels slow today, like it is trying…

Just look.

I am speechless.

I typed those words and then sat here staring at them, wondering why I'm attempting to write a blog if this is true. 
Because, I am. Speechless.
Almost daily, I wonder if it is possible for life…


The bigger my world gets, the smaller it becomes.

Tonight, my living room will be brimming with beauty and my heart (and my house) will be bursting at the seams as I visit with friends and world-changers from NIYA, Rwanda…


"Cautious, careful people, always casting about to preserve their reputation and social standing, never can bring about a reform. Those who are really in earnest must be willing to be anything or nothing in the world's estimation, and publicly and…

Above, around and through.

This one has a soundtrack. Well, they all do. But this one falls at the beginning and not the end. My words alone won't tell the story, so go ahead and press play (and repeat and repeat and repeat) if
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